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Manufacturing Services

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Manufacturing Services

Our production plant possesses a phenomenal infrastructure facility to make our plant WHO-GMP complaint. The plant has machineries that help in manufacturing highly advanced pharmaceuticals.


Capsule section is equipped with sifter, blender, drier, automatic capsule loader, inspection and polishing units with manufacturing capacity of 62 million capsules per annum.


Tablet Section is equipped with sifter, blender, drier and multi mill, compression machine and coating pan with manufacturing capacity of 75 million tablets per annum.


Powder section is equipped with sifter, blender, drier and multi mill with manufacturing capacity of 4675 kg powders per annum.


Packing section consent to strip, blister and sachet packing, this is equipped with strip packing machine with capacity of 21 million per annum, blister packing machine with capacity 300 million per annum and pouch packing machine with capacity 3 million per annum. Eventually, the packing section will outfit the alu-alu packing.


We possess a fully equipped laboratory is managed by a qualified professionals who are determined to render analytical report.

List of our test equipments are mentioned below

  1. Digital ph meter
  2. Mechanical stirrer
  3. Universal titrator
  4. Muffle furnace
  5. Dissolution test apparatus
  6. Disintegration test apparatus
  7. Friability test apparatus
  8. Leak test apparatus
  9. Melting point apparatus
  10. IR moisture balance
  11. Hardness tester
  12. Vernier caliper
  13. Thermohygrometer
  14. Analytical balance
  15. UV –spectrophotometer
  16. Standard sieves
  17. Bulk density apparatus
  18. Hot air oven
  19. Water bath-six holes
  20. Micropipettes
  21. Mortar and pestle
  22. HPLC

All the equipments are validated at the time of installation and before its use for regular production. Validation is also carried out periodically to check the performance of the equipments

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